What is the minimum space requirement for a clinical laboratory?

There are necessary rules regarding the distribution of space for setting up a clinical laboratory, and they are included, according to the National Health Surveillance Agency of each country. There, the minimum areas that must have the environments and spaces to be included in the plan for the division of the construction project of an analysis laboratory are considered, such as: room to collect the material with a minimum of three square meters, an area of classification and distribution of samples with the same area and a reactive life preparation must have the same area.

It is necessary to reserve 14 square meters for a laboratory of bacteriology, immunology, mycology, microbiology, hematology, parasitology, urinalysis, virology, biochemistry or molecular biology.

There should be a space in their project preparation solutions, with nine square meters, a nucleic acid extraction room with a minimum of eight and a half square meters of space, an exclusive scrub room with three square meters, a darkroom with four square meters, an eight-square-meter ICU support laboratory and an emergency lab with no less than five square meters.

There are spaces that are important for setting up the structure of a clinical laboratory, just like you can read in Kalstein, that can’t be forgotten, as they are standard in other facilities in the same segment such as a reception for patient registration and waiting, a tank of cleaning supplies, sterilization equipment, restrooms for clients and associates and other waiting employees, a pantry and an administrative room.

The entire structure should have walls painted with only ink and light colors such as white acrylic ice, snow white, beige or similar tones to convey a sense of cleanliness, very important for these spaces health related problem.

No wonder all hospitals have white walls: they feed on the same concept. The lights should be clear in white and not yellowish dye. The help of a qualified professional for decoration as architects and decorators will be important, since it is a space for the public. Never forget the ventilation scheme, both for customers and laboratories are of paramount importance.